Interpretation Of Your Results With ACCUNIQ BC 380

Body Composition Analysis –shows what your body is made up of

Body Water – 60% of your body is water (inside and outside of cells )

Proteins – is mainly muscle mass

Minerals – mainly your skeleton- ie. bone mineral plus other trace minerals

Body Fat – amount of fat in kgs

Gives amounts in Kgs and litres against normal values so you can see where you are against average

Shows your weight against Fat Free Mass and soft lean mass

Muscle/ Fat Analysis

Shows weight /skeletal muscle mass and fat mass against norms. If the bar graph stops in the black on left side – under normal values, if it stops on right side – over normal range and middle grey are represents the normal range

Weight – can clearly see if under-over or in normal range

SMM –This is the muscle on your skeleton rather than all muscle which would include lungs, heart etc. SMM is the muscle you can change by exercise

Fat Mass – again can see changes clearly

If you join up the ends of the lines and you get a D shape that’s good . C shape means you need to lose fat and gain muscle

All of these parameters can be changed through exercise and healthy eating

Obesity Analysis

Looks at BMI and % body fat – again against norms

BMI flawed for guys with huge amounts of muscle but also for people whose weight is normal but who don’t have sufficient muscle but do have too much fat

Abdominal Obesity

Fat in the abdomen can lead to high levels of visceral fat around the abdominal organs. Visceral fat can leach into the blood stream causing health problems, but it is burnt off during exercise High levels of visceral fat are linked to Heart disease , Type 2 Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

WHR – Waist Hip Ratio looks at where you are storing fat- (apple or pear)

VFL – Visceral fat level – ideal level is 6.4

VFA- Visceral fat area – ideal for men is 50-100cm2. Women 40-80 cm2

Segmental Lean & Fat Analysis

Displays the amount of muscle and fat in each area, based on your current weight

Comprehensive Evaluation

Body Type

Biological age – physical health age based on results & biological age

Basal Metabolic Rate – based on Fat Free Mass , so more accurately reflecting actual energy consumption

Total Daily Energy Expenditure – BMR X Physical Activity (standard physical activity coefficient of 1.54

Body Cell Mass- low body cell mass indicates poor nutrition and / or losing muscle mass

Visceral Fat Mass-amount of visceral fat in kgs

Obesity Degree – degree of overweight based on both current and standard weight

Allows you to be + or – 10 % looking at both current and standard weight

Abdominal Circumference –Estimation of circumference of abdomen at level of navel

Total Score – motivational score based on body composition, looking at relationship of muscle to fat mass

Body Balance – looking at symmetry of body top to bottom, left to right

Control Guide – gives a target weight to aim for – taking into account weight, fat mass and muscle mass. Some or all may need changing

Extra cellular water – hydration status, should be 0.37 to 0.38. Under 0.37 means you are slightly dehydrated

Segmental Lean Mass – amount in Kgs against norms of muscle mass in arms, legs and trunk

Seeing your body better

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