What is BIA Technology

Our body composition monitors use Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

This advanced form of technology has been proven to be safe and effective in taking body measurements.

Rather than simply measuring weight, BIA technology monitors the composition of your body and can tell you the difference between fat weight and lean fat free weight/increased muscle mass.

How it works

When you stand on the body composition monitor a harmless, low level electrical signal passes from the eight touch electrodes through your body, carrying out a full , direct, segmental measurement of your arms, legs and trunk.

ACCUNIQ use multiple frequencies to analyse both  your intra and extra cellular spaces to gain a higher accuracy

The way it works is that the electrical signal passes quickly through any water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but it slows down when it meets fat tissue. This is measured and used to scientifically calculate body composition measurements. Depending on the monitor these body composition measurements can be provided in under 20 seconds.

Multi-frequency BIA technology

All our monitors measure at a minimum of 3  frequencies.

The use of additional frequencies provides an enhanced level of accuracy over devices using only one or two frequencies. It also makes it possible to view extra information relating to water within the body, providing a more detailed insight into personal health. Specifically hydration status and odema (water retention)

Who can use it

The device cannot be used by those with medical implants such as pacemakers as it can interfere with the signal. Pregnant woman should only use the weight function, none of the other functions are suitable.

How can I view the results

Results are displayed on the LCD touch screen, can be printed on A4 Result sheets. The client tracking Manager software, allows for the results to be viewed over a period of time.

However with the launch of the new and exciting Manager App, clients can take an image of the on screen QR code and have their results instantly uploaded on their smart phone.

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